Living the Higher Life

Living the Higher Life

Living the Higher Life

From Faith to Faith

Author: Dr. Bill Winston

Format: CD/MP3
Product Number: STA9781595447630


Many Christians think that living by faith is hard when the truth is the exact opposite. Faith is the easiest, simplest and most productive way to live. The life of faith only becomes difficult when you try to mix it with works. Our faith is a requirement for receiving anything from God and it is His desire that we live on a higher level of faith.   In this transformational teaching, Dr. Winston teaches that living on a higher level of faith is a spiritual process that takes the struggle and toil out of our lives and delivers supernatural results that no devil or human can delay or deny. It is that type of FAITH that gives us control or dominion over all the works of darkness and over all the natural laws in this earth. FAITH is the way God does things done in the earth , and HE WON'T CHANGE! He prefers not to come down to our level. He did that when He sent Jesus. Rather, He insists we come up to His level. Why? Because that's where you are designed to live...THE HIGHER LIFE.The Faith Builders Series is an interactive and empowering teaching series taught every Wednesday night at Living Word Christian Center by the "General of Faith," Dr. Bill Winston. Join us every Wednesday and learn how to grow, develop and apply faith in your everyday life!
Release Year: 2020

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"Is any thing too hard for the Lord? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son." - Genesis 18:14 (King James Version -KJV)