Facing the Giants


Facing the Giants

Author: Dr. Bill Winston

Format: MP3
Product Number: STA9781595447616


Do you want to fulfill God's call on your life? Once you make that decision, God will equip you with everything you need to face your giants — fear and failure, insurmountable problems or issues, or a situation of adversity that gets out of control, thus making it difficult to resolve—and overcome them! In this series, Facing the Giants, Dr. Winston provides documented proof that using faith over fear is a natural part of the supernatural lifestyle of the believer.  God wants you to meditate (say/mutter) the Word enough to believe it in your soul. As you meditate this series, you will garner a clearer understanding that:  God is sending you out into the world (a land of giants) to fulfill the assignment He chose you to do and will protect you from hurt, harm, accident, and danger;    To walk in faith, you have to be dauntless (daring), not allowing fear to block God's voice from you; He wants you to live inside out-minded, enabling you to live independent of the circumstances around you and become the captain of your destiny; God is giving you seed to produce innovation that will influence the world and change the culture.   As a believer, you are called to not only win the game but break the house by using the production center on the inside of you to be fruitful (produce), multiply (increase), replenish (renew and resupply), and subdue (dominate market share).
Release Year: 2019

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"Is any thing too hard for the Lord? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son." - Genesis 18:14 (King James Version -KJV)